Norse deity

Norse deity
a deity worshipped by the ancient Norsemen
Topics: ↑antiquity
Hypernyms: ↑deity, ↑divinity, ↑god, ↑immortal
Aesir, ↑Vanir, ↑Nanna, ↑Norn, ↑weird sister, ↑Sigyn, ↑Ull, ↑Ullr, ↑Vali, ↑Vitharr, ↑Vithar, ↑Vidar
Instance Hyponyms:
Balder, ↑Baldr, ↑Bragi, ↑Brage, ↑Elli, ↑Forseti, ↑Frey, ↑Freyr, ↑Freya, ↑Freyja, ↑Frigg, ↑Frigga, ↑Heimdall, ↑Heimdal, ↑Heimdallr, ↑Hel, ↑Hela, ↑Hoenir, ↑Hoth, ↑Hothr, ↑Hoder, ↑Hodr, ↑Hodur, ↑Idun, ↑Ithunn, ↑Loki, ↑Njord, ↑Njorth, ↑Odin, ↑Sif, ↑Thor, ↑Tyr, ↑Tyrr

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